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In parallel with the construction of the extension, the Kunsthaus Zürich has launched a project entitled ‘Digilab’ to explore how the public can be connected digitally through art and experimentation. Today, it is no longer enough for a museum merely to occupy a physical space: it also needs to pay great attention to the digital universe and its diverse and plentiful audience.

From the past, to the present, for the future

The new digital platform shows the more than 1000 exhibitions through a lively and seamlessly organized web experience.

The Digilab is a meeting place for different audiences. It is a place where art is curated, negotiated, mediated and explored.
The Digilab invites you to immerse yourself, to experience, to marvel and to come back. It's a space that is light and open like a new extension to a classical building and one that appeals to and attracts young and old, all willing to see new things.

All data in a comprehensive and custom-built API

The heart of this project is a custom connection to the MuseumPlus API. All data sets are accessible via a GraphQL API. For strong performance and SEO we load this data in our SvelteKit frontend.

Artistic and experimental

Many contemporary artists are fascinated in the digital space and you can see it reflected in their works through such themes as big data, surveillance or access to information.

Current digital art is also incubated in the Digilab, with artworks created specifically for the digital space. These artworks can be experienced online for 3 months at a time and are aimed at an art-interested audience around the world.

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