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The Swiss company BÜCHI is a pioneer in the field with high-quality laboratory equipment and process solutions for over 80 years. With a forward-looking strategy, the website also innovates through new design, structure and technology. We conceived the new website from the perspective of the various users. For this, we have developed scalable principles. From minimalist product pages to huge lists with hundreds of content elements. But first and foremost, it's about finding content and products quickly and intuitively. The user experience is fluent in 12 languages and offers a contemporary look with branding and color palette.

User experience guaranteed internationally

The website has to meet several different and international user needs. Thousands of products and applications can be found quickly and intuitively.

With qualitative user testing in two languages and eight countries, we were able to ensure that our customised solution guarantees optimal usability.

Unique design

The website shows a high visual quality in all aspects of the product. With white space we create calm, colors that enliven the content and elegant micro-interactions underline the value of the products.

A three-dimensional world was created to illustrate the chemical processes in the instruments, creating meaningful moments of inspiration.
To ensure quality and consistency even after we go live, we have developed a whole range of modular components.

Design system for digital touchpoints

In addition to digital design, we have built a design system that ensures the high level of brand quality and coherence.

We have also developed a layout logic in frontend development that always outputs the optimal variant of a component.
A flexible modular modul system helps BÜCHI's internal team to create individual page layouts to communicate new products and content.

Digital branding, right down to the last detail

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